• Cat ImageRapid Drone Map
    In this category you can discuss the drone service Rapid Drone Map
  • Cat ImageGeneral
    This category is for general discussions.
  • Cat ImageFree Geodata
    In this category you can post and download free geodata.
  • Cat ImageUser's Guide
    This section contains the Walter Maps User's Guide
  • Cat ImageTips and Tricks
    This category contains user tips and tricks. We encourage all forum members to participate in these discussions.
  • Cat ImageNew Functionality
    Walter Maps continuously evolves with new features thanks to your involvement.
    If you want new functionality or if you have other suggestions, you should start a discussion in this category.
  • Cat ImageBug reports
    Complex geodata sometimes cause Walter Maps to act strangely and in some rare cases even cause crashes. In this category your can report your found bugs.

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